The App Suite that Makes Staying Compliant Easier, Faster, and Smarter.

The Compliance Optimizer

The bCompliant™ app suite is the hub of all things Compliance.
It is comprised of:

bTransparent™ – Electronic Sign-in Sheets
MyPolicies™ – Policies & Procedures
ourCode™ – Code of Conduct
MyValues™ – Training Videos on Ethics, Values,
Compliance and Sales

Don’t settle for “best practices” in your Compliance Programs.
Get “next practices” with bCompliant™, the app suite which…

• Helps improve accuracy and accountability.

• Demonstrates your department’s partnership with your reps.

• Shows the reps your company’s commitment to Ethics,
Values and Compliance.

• Shows the reps your company’s commitment to their
professional image.

• Builds reps’ confidence and trust that they have the resources to be compliant and more effective.

Live the Code. Anywhere. Anytime

ourCode™ is the mobile app which allows your employees to access your company’s Code of Conduct anytime and anywhere.

Customizable to your specific needs with training and certification options, real life scenarios and full search capability at
your fingertips.

Learn. Certify. Search. You’ve Got the Code.

Embedding Compliance, Anywhere, Anytime.


MyPolicies™ houses the corporate Policies & Procedures. Reps can reference them when, how, and where they want.

You can re-write the Policies or we can re-write them for you in our innovative format, which helps ensure that your reps will actually read and understand the policies. Our attorneys rewrite your existing policies in English instead of “Legalese”.

The app also functions as a training tool as we have incorporated a “test your knowledge section” for every policy.

The search feature is will assist employees who are on the go and have a question. Instead of reading long documents or scrolling through pdf files, they can type the word or phrase and quickly locate the relevant policies.

The unique structure improves readability and legibility, but most importantly, it empowers employees with the ability to make policy-based decisions.

Get Inspired. Anywhere. Anytime.

Short videos on Ethics, Values, Compliance and Sales.

MyValues™ is the only app with on-the-go inspirational and practical tools for leading and acting Ethically and Compliantly.

Experts share their knowledge and inspire in an engaging way so employees of all levels have the know-how to stay compliant and are empowered to make ethical decisions.

Employees have the flexibility to watch a short video at their convenience, one at a time, on a variety of topics. Each video includes a short description, and “Test Your Knowledge” section. Test results can optionally be shared with leadership.

  • Course Overview
    Frank Bucaro, Ethics Expert, simplifies ethical, philosophical and psychological patterns in a way that are easy to understand. His life experiences and examples encapsulate his points in a witty, and at times, emotional way. You will want to listen to Frank over and over and apply his tools in both your personal and business life.

    Expert Bio
    Frank is the author of the book Trust Me! Insights into Ethical Leadership. He is a member of the National Speakers Association and has earned their designation of CSP (Certified Speaking Professional). He was also presented with NSA’s prestigious CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame Award for excellence and professionalism, an award held by fewer than 220 people worldwide.

  • Course Overview
    Russ Riddle demystifies the Sunshine Act (“Act”) in a plain, upbeat manner. His short videos not only break down the Act for spot-on compliance, but will galvanize your sales force with confidence and ready answers to defuse any potential apprehension from your prospective clients.

    Expert Bio
    Russ serves up quick wit, humorous storytelling and poignant tips, keeping you involved from start to finish. Having practiced marriage for 30 years, law for 22, fatherhood for 21, and braved adventures as a juvenile probation officer, realtor and newspaper columnist, Russ Riddle is convinced that we must never stop learning, laughing and leading.

  • Course Overview
    John Blumberg, Values Expert explains how personal core values affect organizational values and how defining the values and living them are two different things. After listening to John and implementing his ideas you will be able to live a Value-based life both personally and in an organizational setting.

    Expert Bio
    John Blumberg is inspiring a movement on building organizational value with core values. In 1996, John left behind a career he loved that had taken him from CPA to worldwide recruiting responsibilities at Arthur Andersen. From there, he followed his dream as a professional speaker to reach audiences in 10 countries on 3 continents.

    He is the author of Silent Alarm, GOOD to the CORE and his upcoming book
    ROI: Return on Integrity.

  • Course Overview
    In this series, Jose Palomino, a true thought leader on value propositions, speaks to the "new normal" of professional selling in a highly regulated context. The videos in this series will help you develop the mindset and approach necessary to create value with prospects and clients - and to do so in a way that reflects a commitment to integrity and meeting the compliance requirements of your industry.

    Expert Bio
    Jose has a strong track record of success working with business owners, mid-market CEOs, and Fortune 1000 marketing teams who want to take ideas, products, and services to market with greater consistency, speed, and impact. With over twenty five years’ leadership experience in technology and service sectors, Jose is a proven strategist, dealmaker, and presenter. Jose is an Adjunct Professor of Marketing at Villanova University where he earned his MBA Jose is also a Resource Speaker for Vistage International, the world’s largest CEO organization.

  • 2

    Course Overview
    Mark Putnam. business ethics author and trainer, delivers down-to-earth, character-based business ethics principles that help employees and managers understand the critical role personal character plays in their everyday ethical decision-making process and provides tools to hone and strengthen it. His courses help people understand that moral and ethical decisions in the workplace are not made in a vacuum but are based on a foundation of character and principle. Character and compliance are connected...and character matters!

    Expert Bio
    Mark Putnam is the President of Global Ethics University and the author of Ethical Expectations, Ethics for a Modern Workforce, Respect and Fair Treatment at Work, and numerous published articles. Mark has been speaking and writing about character and business ethics for over 15 years and is a passionate advocate for changing the global business culture and combating corruption through changing hearts, minds, and attitudes in people.

Course Overview and Expert Bios (click on speaker to read his bio)

Collecting data, Accurately and Efficiently

bTransparent™ is the smartest mobile app with complete electronic functionality for sign-in sheets. The app is so smart it will not allow report submission until all signatures and mandatory information have been obtained.

This easy to use app facilitates data collection, expense reports, and receipts for fast and accurate recordkeeping. bTransparent™ is the definition of transparency & accountability. No more papers to misplace or receipts to lose. Electronic data transfer saves data
entry time and eliminates errors.

Features and Benefits                                                              Paper            bTransparent™

Accuracy and Efficiency

Reduces data entry errors in the “form entry” stage
and in the “form to database” stage

Automates entry of data fields, e.g., reprint costs, doctor’s information

Automates calculations

Pre-populates form fields to save time during events,
e.g., using saved profiles

Facilitates the collection of HCP signatures

Provides for capturing and attaching receipts electronically

Submits forms directly from iPad (no need to scan/fax/mail)

Integrates seamlessly with back-end systems

Includes up to date list of HCPs addresses, license numbers, etc.

Includes up to date reprint costs

Realizes cost savings on paper, associated expenses and the labor
to handle processing of paper forms

Minimizes data loss by automatically saving backups
locally and in the cloud


Encourages a review/edit prior to submission

Prompts reps to accept accountability disclaimer prior to submission


Helps the rep look more professional to the HCP

Demonstrates compliance department’s partnership with the rep